Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith's first novel, WHEN THE LION FEEDS, was published in 1964. William Heinemann, Ltd. published it in the United Kingdom and The Viking Press published it in the USA.

Heinemann published Wilbur's novels through 1989, the year A TIME TO DIE, Wilbur's 21st novel was released. In 1990 Macmillan became his publisher with GOLDEN FOX. In 2009 Macmillan published ASSEGAI, Wilbur's 32nd novel.

Wilbur's American publishing experience has not been as stable. The Viking Press published his first two novels. Simon & Schuster published his 3rd novel, THE ROAR OF THUNDER. His 4th novel, SHOUT AT THE DEVIL, was published by Coward-McCann. Doubleday took over on GOLD MINE, Wilbur's 5th novel. Doubleday remained his publisher through his 18th novel, THE BURNING SHORE. Little, Brown took over for his next two novels. Random House published the next three. Then he switched to St. Martin's Press to publish and market RIVER GOD, which really catapulted him to fame here in the USA. St. Martin's Press released ASSEGAI a couple of months after MacMillan.

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