Robert W(ilson) Krepps

Krepps was born in 1919 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and died in 1980 in Florida. He wrote many science-fiction short stories for pulp magazines. However, he also wrote a handful of novels set in southern Africa. Those novels are all within my collection.

He also wrote under the pseudonyms Beatrice Brandon, Jake Logan, and Geoffrey St. Reynard.

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KREPPS, ROBERT W(ilson) (1919-1980); Writer and editor. * * Fear Is a Brassy Taste, (ss) Bluebook Feb 1956 * * Ghost Killer, (ss) o Argosy (UK) Oct 1957 * * King in Shag, (ss) Colliers Dec 29 1951 * * Massacre at Kimurangu, (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Jul 2 1955 * * A Psychiatrist Named Pete (with Horace L. Gold), (ss) Bluebook Mar 1954 * * The Return of Virtue, (ss) Colliers Sep 9 1950 * * Sunset of the Mammoth, (ss) o Argosy (UK) Jun 1953 * * Trial By Rhino, (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Apr 9 1955 * * Warrior?s Challenge, (ss) o Argosy (UK) Sep 1952 * * Westward the Eggs (with Horace L. Gold), (ss) The Country Gentleman May 1954