Beverley Harper

Beverley Harper was born in Australia. In 1967 she travelled to Africa, intending to spend one year there. She stayed twenty, returning to settle in Australia in 1988. Her memories of Africa have provided the inspiration for her best-selling novels and she visited that continent for research purposes once a year.

Beverley Harper died of cancer in 2002. She rests at peace in the Africa she so loved. Her ashes lay by the Boteti River in Botswana, below a lodge called Leroo-la-Tau, which means footprints of lion.

She left a draft of her final novel, FOOTPRINTS OF LION, which was lovingly completed by her husband, Robert Harper, and Peter Watt. All of Beverley Harper's novels were solely published by Pan Macmillan, Australia, in trade and mass-market paperback formats (no hardcovers).

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Title ISBN Bind Pub. Date Price Stock Echo of an Angry God 0732909252 TPB 01/04/1998 $28.00 OP Echo of an Angry God 0330361279 P/B (A) 01/02/1999 $19.95 Avl Edge of the Rain 073290899X TPB 01/05/1997 $28.00 OP Edge of the Rain 0330359819 P/B (A) 01/02/1998 $19.95 Avl Footprints of Lion 073290966X TPB 01/11/2004 $30.00 Avl Footprints of Lion 0330422057 P/B (A) 01/10/2005 $19.95 NYP Forgotten Sea, The 0732910307 TPB 01/10/2000 $28.00 OP Forgotten Sea, The 0330362720 P/B (A) 01/09/2001 $19.95 Avl Jackal's Dance 0732910986 TPB 01/10/2001 $28.00 OP Jackal's Dance 033036359X P/B (A) 01/06/2002 $19.95 Avl People of Heaven 0732909821 TPB 01/08/1999 $28.00 OP People of Heaven 033036197X P/B (A) 01/04/2000 $19.95 Avl Shadows in the Grass 0732911400 TPB 01/10/2002 $30.00 OP Shadows in the Grass 0330364146 P/B (A) 01/06/2003 $19.95 Avl Storms Over Africa 0330355783 P/B (A) 01/04/1996 $19.95 Avl